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Welcome to Arrowhead Bible College

Thank you for considering Arrowhead for your future!

Your time here will be spent in a variety of ways that are designed to be a help. You will have time in the classroom learning from superb professors. You will be involved in a small group that will meet weekly. One of our previous students described the time this way: “the discipleship program immediately applied our learned knowledge through actively seeking relationships with spiritual leaders, learning scripture on a personal basis and tackling the hard issues. It’s the personal side of biblical studies, the application of biblical principles and the benefit of Christian fellowship”. (Matt Wynthein – Class of 2013)

Meet the Professor

Jeff Eads
Professor Missional Living April 27th - March 1st

Jeff Eads teaches Missional Living. This is an introductory course that examines the meaning and necessity of Missional Living. The student will gain understanding regarding the Biblical mandate for Missional Living as well as the practical nature of God’s mission.

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