Social Media and BMCM

Social Media and BMCM Did you know that we are on social media? You do now! Here is a list of where you can find us: Facebook at Beartooth Christian Camp and Arrowhead Bible College The home of most of our updates is Facebook. On BCC’s page, you can find important information regarding camp registration,[…]

Small Groups at ABC

“A Small Group is an intentional gathering, meeting regularly for the purpose of joining God’s mission.”   According to many churches, this is the definition of a small group. Now this definition is great. But in terms of Arrowhead Bible College, it doesn’t really tell you much. Truly no words can accurately describe it. One must[…]

What is a Bible College?

After some research, we have realized that many people don’t know what “bible college” entails. Even more than that, most people don’t know how it is different than a “Christian college.” So we are here to clear the air a bit about this matter. One of the biggest differences between a bible college and a[…]

Where Your Money Goes

“I’ve donated money to camp. Now what? Where is my money going? What does is help support? How does that help the ministry advance the Gospel?” If you have ever donated to camp, or any other organization, you have probably asked yourself those questions. It’s fair to want to know for certain that your money[…]

The weeks ahead…

It’s week six at Arrowhead! The students are sharing lots of laughs as they get to know each other better. During the first month, they have dug for fossils in Glendive, explored the area, and began their biblical training. Outside of the classroom the students can be found playing volleyball, hiking nearby, and enjoying our[…]

Our Values and Vision

“That all may know and grow in Christ.” The vision of Beartooth Christian Camp is twofold. First it is founded on evangelism (knowing Christ). Through our camps and interactions, all who cross the cattle guard should hear the good news of Christ. It is our goal that people leave with more knowledge of God than[…]