August 29, 2015

Israel Study Tour

A year at Arrowhead Bible College includes a two week trip to The Holy Land. We will seek to prepare and equip the students God has given us, by providing a Christ centered program with emphasis on developing spiritual disciplines for an abiding life in Christ.

For two weeks in February the Arrowhead students will fly to Israel for classes. During these two weeks of learning, they will explore places that they’ve read and studied first semester. You will walk where Jesus walked and get to see the Bible come to life in a new way while unpacking the rich, historical context behind each passage. This provides an eye opening perspective and will deepen your knowledge of Scripture.

The combination of worship, practical application of God’s Word on-site, and amazing community with other students will synergistically make this journey an experience you’ll remember the rest of your life. Get ready for God to amaze you!