May 4, 2016

Credit Transfer

Arrowhead Bible College is not formally accredited. ABC has decided to maintain its non-formal accreditation status in order to retain its right to specifically focus on the Word of God. Arrowhead is a unique school set aside with a purpose and focus to teach the Bible and foster life change.

The one-year program is a great tool to prepare for ministry, employment, or continuing education. Arrowhead students have gone on to be pastors, missionaries, engineers and homemakers. A one-year study of God’s word is not only useful for everyday life as a disciple, but also gives graduates of the program a foundation for going into further education or into ministerial roles in their home communities.

Abc works hard to form accreditation transference agreements with colleges and universities around the country. College president Dale Erbele and Dr. Derry Long are both working to bring in new articulation agreements from other schools, while ABC credits have successfully transferred either in part or in whole to several other colleges. For further information about credit transfer, please contact Dr. Long.